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We provide brand new prescription eyeglasses by working closely with medical missionary doctors whose clinics are already established around the world, and by partnering with existing Christian relief organizations and numerous churches through their mission trip programs.

In the past, medical missionaries relied heavily on donated used eyeglasses which were categorized into two basic groups, either near-sighted or far-sighted. The doctors then attempted to meet their patient’s needs with one of these used donated old pairs of eyeglasses that were in the relative vicinity of the needed prescription. At best these used eye glasses provided some relief but in many cases finding a pair to match the patients needs is just not possible.

God’s Eyes improves upon this old approach several steps further. We can supply these medical missionary clinics with new eyeglass frames. This allows patients to choose for themselves the style they prefer. Then by either working directly with the doctors via email, or by equipping these clinics with lab equipment, we are able to provide the exact prescription for these patients in the frame they choose. If the doctors agree not to charge their patients then God’s Eyes supplies the new frames and lenses for free.


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